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Cirencester Hypnotherapy & Health Centre


The Executive


The Cirencester Hypnotherapy & Health Centre was established in 2014 by Nicola Griffiths.  Nicola has been a Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2007.  She is also a hypnotherapy supervisor and a lecturer in the subject.


When news began to travel that the clinic was going to be called the 'Cirencester Hypnotherapy & Health Centre', a fair number of people thought it was a bit odd and commented, "Why not call it the Cirencester Health Centre?"  Having been in the hypnotherapy industry for some while, Nicola recognised the potential given that science and research had turned a corner when it came to hypnosis. She also knew that we were following a pattern of the USA, whereby at that point hypnotherapy was already mainstream. She was not proven wrong, as now the clinic has 6 main hypnotherapists on their website, along with another two working behind the scenes.


Nicola and her husband, Dave, took the lease on for the clinic and had to do a fair amount of renovation before opening for business.  Things started small, with only a handful of therapists working on a part-time basis.  There are now over 35 therapists renting rooms on an ad-hoc basis.  They are all self-employed and usually work from more than one location.


As you will see if you click on the 'Therapies' tab at the top of the page, the clinic covers a large array of disciplines, from Hypnotherapy (obviously), to beauty and  massage to Physiotherapy and Psychiatry.  In fact, we cover most talking and physical therapies.


The therapists working from the clinic are trained to a high standard and are taken on because for their friendly personalities as well as their expertise.  We aim to provide the highest level of service possible in a warm environment.


Nicola still practices hypnotherapy, but via online sessions as her clients are all around the world now.  Details can be found at


Nicola deals with most general enquiries at the clinic, including helping customers decide what type of therapy might be right for them.  You can call her on 01285 652449.

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