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About Alex

Whilst the COVID-19 virus is causing social distancing, Alex will

continue to work online with his clients.


About Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist Alex Brounger


Having trained in 2011 Alex has been a full-time Solution Focused

Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist since 2012. He is also a Senior

Hypnotherapy Lecturer, a Hypnotherapy Supervisor and, in the past, held

the position of Chief Executive for the Association for Solution Focused

Hypnotherapy (AfSFH).  


He runs a busy practice from the Cirencester Hypnotherapy Centre with a

second clinic in Stroud.


What to Expect:


Regardless of your reason for seeking help you will be treated with the

utmost respect in a friendly and professional manner.  Everything discussed is

confidential.  As a member of the NCH, AfSFH and CNHC Alex adheres to their professional guidelines. You can find a link to these guidelines on Alex's website:


Initial Consultation available in Cirencester:


The Initial Consultant gives you the opportunity to meet Alex and to discuss your reasons for wanting help. If appropriate, he will explain how the brain works and why you may be suffering in the way that you are.  No hypnosis takes place during that first session, but many people see an immediate improvement in their condition as they finally get to understand why they are suffering in the way they are.  


It is recommended you allow an hour for the Initial Consultation. Alex will outline the treatment process and give you an indication during this consultation as to how many sessions you might expect to have depending on what it is you would like to achieve.


Subsequent Hypnotherapy Sessions:


Each subsequent session will last 50 to 55 minutes.  


You will be provided with a complimentary relaxation/self-hypnosis

MP3 download which supports and enhances what is done in clinical



Alex will explain the structure of these subsequent sessions in the

Initial Consultant and will explain how the MP3 download should

be best used.


Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy in Cirencester:


An Initial Consultant is not required for quit smoking hypnotherapy.  It is a one-off session lasting between 90 minutes and 2 hours.




If you would like further information about Alex Brounger, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy or his clinic in Cirencester please call him on 07917 415926 or take a look at his website:  


You can also follow him on twitter: @AlexBrounger or like his Facebook Page:


Alex is proud to have been the first therapist to see a client at the Cirencester Hypnotherapy Centre when it first opened in 2014.








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