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Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

As a Cognitive Behavioural Coach, I will help you become aware of what the underlying core belief and thinking is behind a problem or situation. Many common daily challenges such as stress, lack of confidence, perfectionism, loss of meaning and purpose, poor communication skills or being less successful at work typically lead back to an individual’s personal perception of themselves.


I do not seek to give you the answers to your problems or difficulties, but to help you develop new ways of thinking and behaviours that reflect this. As a result, you will develop a self-awareness that will enable you to be more productive and understand what is needed to reach your desired goals.


My goal as your Cognitive Behaviour Coach is to provide you with the skills and confidence to become your own coach. The coaching sessions will enable you to learn techniques and different ways of thinking about potential stressors and anxieties in all areas of life.


Anxiety and stress effects not only the way we think and behave but also how we feel both emotionally and physically. Together we will explore these different areas and develop coping techniques and strategies. Cognitive behavioural approaches emphasize that how we react to events is largely determined by our views of them, not by the events themselves. These events may include but not limited to: Giving a presentation, moving to an unfamiliar environment, career, relationships, communication skills, procrastination and perfectionism.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy strategies and techniques form the basis of Cognitive Behaviour Coaching.


About your Therapist - Julie de Leeuw


Julie is a Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Coach. She has an

interest in sport, wellbeing and how thoughts can hold us back from

reaching our true potential.  This led her to cognitive behaviour coaching.


As a working mother balancing a family, degree, and continued professional

development, she understands the pressures people put on themselves.

Cognitive behavioural coaching helped her become aware of her qualities

and to manage her own anxieties, whilst setting realistic goals that boosted

her motivation and confidence to continue her desired path.


Julie's continued professional training run by the British Psychological Society includes:

•Assertion and communication skills


•Stress Management

•Performance Coaching

•Problem Focused Counselling, Coaching, and Training

•Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Training

•Health and wellbeing


Julie says that "Each of these courses has enriched my knowledge as a coach. I am continually seeking evidence based courses to enhance my understanding of how we can help ourselves become the person we want to be".


Julie's rates are £60 per hour.


To have a chat with Julie, call her on 0793 910 5548.


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As with all our therapies, you should seek advice from your GP if you feel you have a medical condition.
















































Please do contact me for further information if you feel I can help.


Telephone Marie on: 07849 059 968.  Marie’s website:


As with all our therapies, you should seek advice from your GP if you feel you have a

medical condition.




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