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Whilst the COVID-19 virus is causing social distancing, some of our

counsellors will continue to work online with their clients.  This will

be noted against their profiles below.


At the Cirencester Hypnotherapy & Health Centre we offer various types

of counselling:


- Integrative Counselling (Jane Fizor)

Integrative Counselling brings together different elements of specific therapies as integrative therapists take the view that there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations.  Integrative therapy is how the therapist combines elements of different theories to tailor the therapy to the client. This approach can help you by: - Deepening your understanding of problematic feelings and behaviours and where they may originate - Making links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours  - Increasing your self awareness - Encouraging you to think more clearly about a situation or from a different perspective.


- Psychodynamic Counselling (Christine Allan) - currently working online

This model is based on an understanding of the unconscious processes which underlie psychological difficulties. One of the main ideas in psychodynamic therapies is that we tend to bury painful experiences (“out of sight out of mind”). Using this style of therapy the therapist helps the client resolve their own conflicts.


- Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) (Christine Allan) - online

DIT is a brief 16 week psychodynamic therapy targeted particularly at relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety.  This therapy aims to help people have a better understanding of the links between their depression and what is happening in their relationships.


- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) (Christine Allan) - online

CBT helps clients by identifying unhelpful thinking patterns.  It is possible to help with common psychological disorders.  When thinking processes are adapted to be more helpful, behavioural change is often achieved, and the individual finds themselves with healthier emotional functioning i.e. they feel happier!


- Emotional Therapeutic Counselling (Carol Welch) - currently working online.


Carol works with adults and children who are suffering emotional turmoil in their lives including anxiety, depression, difficult relationships (including couples), anger, abuse, loss, illness, eating disorders, self harm, persistent unhappiness etc.  She uses a range of gentle techniques to assist clients recognize and release painful feelings by working with the emotions rather than the mind.


- Couples therapy (Jacqui Kyne) - currently working online.


Couples therapy offers couples the opportunity to work together to improve their relationship and address the things that are causing tensions and resentments. It gives each of you the opportunity to make sense of what’s going on for yourself and for your partner and explore different ways of relating to each other.

Christine Allan (BA Hons)

Christine is working online during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Christine has been a qualified psychodynamic counsellor since 2000.  

Christine is registered and accredited by the British Association for

Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and is accredited with the

British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC).  Christine is also trained in the

use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dynamic

Interpersonal Therapy (DIT); both IAPT approved methods.


Christine holds a postgraduate diploma in Consultative Clinical

Supervision – both group and individual supervision can be provided.


Before any counselling is undertaken, a free-of-charge 15 minute telephone assessment is provided. This helps clarify whether the way Christine works is appropriate for the individual, or whether another form of intervention might be more suitable.  Following this assessment, a full face-to-face consultation is carried out prior to commencing weekly counselling sessions.


Costs: Initial Consultation for individuals: £50. Individual sessions: £45.  

Initial Consultation for couples: £55.  Ongoing couples/relationship sessions: £50.


To contact Christine, visit her website:  or call Christine on: 0771 434 2066





Carol is working online during the COVID-19 outbreak.


With deep personal insight Carol develops genuine, strong and continuous

relationships with her clients.  She is insightful, warm and accepting of all

a client’s experiences and feelings. She listens with understanding, without

judgement and helps client’s find solutions from within themselves, and to

develop their own goals with independence.


Carol is empathetic, credible and skilled.  With positive regard and gentle

humour Carol aims to foster a safe space to explore deep and difficult



With an Advanced Diploma in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling, Carol is experienced

and works full-time as a therapist.  She is a Council Member with the Foundation for

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling (FETC) and has been invited to become a Trainer.  

She is a member of The National Counselling Society and included on the Professional

Standards Authority Accredited Register – a list that gives medical practitioners

assurance that safety and quality of care are provided to their patients.  She maintain

full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance and has been CRB checked.


If you are feeling emotionally drained, at your wit’s end, finding it hard to cope with frayed feelings or emotionally traumatised Carol and Emotional Therapeutic Counselling could help you.


Sessions cost:  £65 per session (1 hour).  


To contact Carol please call her on 07901552778 or email: [email protected]

Further information:





Jane has had a long career working in the NHS with life limiting and

life threatening illness.  She worked in Oncology for almost 30 years

investigating, planning and delivering cancer treatments. While working

as a Therapy Radiographer she also became qualified as a Counsellor

and offered psychological support to patients, carers and families of people

with cancer.


Jane furthered her Psychological support training by leaving radiography and

working in the NHS in a Health Psychology setting.  Here she learned to

support people with many more illnesses, other than cancer.  She has worked

with both the NHS, Charities and other organisations that support people with ill health. Jane also has a Diploma in Fertility Counselling.


Not only is Jane a Counsellor, she is also a Hypnotherapist and is qualified to a standard where she can use hypnotherapy on a range of medical and psychological conditions.


With a little psychological help and the right support, Jane believes new ways of coping and quality of life can return and be developed so you can better support yourself.


Cost:  £60 per session (1 hour).  


To contact Jane, please call her on 01242 371555 or  0771 318 2979

Further information:







Jacqui is working online during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Jacqui has been working with couples for the past 13 years. She initially

trained with Relate and worked with them for a number of years. Jacqui

has also trained in systemic family therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy

and is an experienced Family Mediator.


Jacqui offers couples therapy to those who wish to strengthen and refresh

their relationship, who wish to work through major disruption towards repair

or who are making the decision to go their separate ways.


Couples counselling will give you the opportunity to make sense of what’s

going on for yourself and for your partner and explore different ways of relating to each other.


Jacqui can help you to learn skills and give you practical tools to improve your communication. There will be a focus on enhancing the good things of the relationship as well as on exploring the roots of  tension or resentments, and the emotional distance between you.


Costs: Sessions are generally 1.5 hours long and cost £70.


To contact Jacqui please call 07842 084531 or email [email protected]


Further information



As with all our therapies, you should seek advice from your GP if you feel you have a medical condition.

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Jane Fizor DCRT, PGD Counselling, PGC Clinical Hypnotherapy, MBACP, BSCH

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Carol Welch MFETC (AdDip) MNCS (Acc)

Jacqui Kyne MA(SW), Dip Relationship Therapy, Imago Relationship Therapist in training, FMCA

Jacqui Kyne Relationship Counsellor