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Craniosacral Therapy


Craniosacral therapy is a very subtle non-invasive, non-manipulative

therapy which uses very light touch to make contact with the head,

spine and body tissues.  This promotes the body’s self-healing process.


This is a profound method of healing, which is attracting increasing

interest for its gentle effective approach. It was developed through

the work of the eminent American Osteopath Dr William Garner

Sutherland. He found subtle intrinsic movements and rhythms in the

body that he concluded were deeply linked with mental, emotional and

physical health and he thought that restrictions in these movements related to a reduction of the body’s natural capacity to heal.


The purpose of craniosacral therapy is to facilitate the clients own healing process.  There is no physical manipulation, instead the practitioner listens to the client’s system with their hands and provides a healing space in which the client’s system can express itself and be heard. The practice is led by the client’s process through touch.


This skilled form of observation seems to help processes unfold and the client often finds they are able to move through stages of healing with greater ease.  Clients are reported to have a greater sense of vitality, inner peace, connection and well being.        

About Your Therapist - Maggie Godden

I became interested in Craniosacral therapy seven years ago when I saw

the benefits it had on my youngest daughter after receiving treatments.

She arrived a very unhappy baby and suffered with colic which caused

her considerable discomfort. She is now the most happy and content

child who is given the support of craniosacral therapy when she feels

she needs it.


After graduating from the school of resonance trainings in 2012 and

continue to attend post graduate courses enabling me to enhance my

practice and interest. I am also a registered member of the Craniosacral



From my experience craniosacral therapy has given my life more truth and

meaning. It has also helped me with processing work I’ve done whilst in talking therapies, which I feel

complement each other.


I create a space for my client that is safe and contained and within which the clients’ needs can be met.


Visit Maggie's website at: or call Maggie direct for more info

on 0751 664 5005.  Her email address is:


Please note: Maggie is one of the clinic's highly trained massage therapists.  Click here for more details.

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