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Family Mediation

Family Mediators specialise in helping you resolve disputes with your

ex-partner, your family and neighbours. They provide a confidential, calm

and safe place to enable you to settle your difficulties and look forward to

the future.


Trained mediators have many years' experience in the fields of law, social

work and counselling and of dealing with family and other conflicts. They

are skilled at mediating disputes across a wide range of areas: divorce and

separation; children; finance and property; civil partnerships; neighbour



About your Mediator:


Jacqui Kyne FMCA, MA (SW)


Jacqui is an experienced family mediator, accredited by the College of

Mediators. Jacqui is committed to helping separating or separated couples

minimise the impact of their separation on their children and to sort out the

complex practical and  financial issues arising from their separation.


A social worker for many years, Jacqui has also worked in Conflict

Resolution in the public sector and mediates in neighbourhood disputes.

Jacqui is also a Professional Practice Consultant and  a qualified

Relationship therapist, having worked with Relate for a number of years.


To contact Jacqui please call her on 07920 180921 or email [email protected]


For further information please visit:






As with all our therapies, you should seek advice from your GP if you feel you have a medical condition.

Jacqui Kyne Relationship Counsellor Room 1