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Gift Vouchers!!

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Say it with a Gift Voucher

- relax

- improve

- benefit

- enjoy

- balance



We give you a choice of Vouchers as the ideal gift for friends, family or colleagues.  (The images are only a guide of what we offer, enquire for details).


We will personalise your voucher, so you can choose whichever image or words you want, with however much you wish to spend.


It could be a general clinic voucher to be spent with any of our registered therapists, or a specific voucher for a beauty session or maybe a relaxing massage session.


We will usually send the voucher in the post, but can make arrangements for you to collect it from the clinic if that's more convenient.


Payment is made by PayPal invoice, so you can either pay by PayPal or Debit/Credit card.  We will arrange for the personalised greeting you require, which voucher you want and to sort despatch of the voucher(s).


Tel: 0773 866 5172 and talk to Nicola to sort our which vouchers would be suitable.


Terms & Conditions:

Vouchers can be redeemed with any of our registered therapists at the

Cirencester Hypnotherapy & Health Centre.


To redeem a voucher, please advise the therapist on booking the

treatment that you have a voucher and ensure you bring the voucher

to your appointment.


All vouchers are valid for 12 months unless otherwise agreed.

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