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Literally translated as ‘Big Life’, Macrobiotics is about achieving optimum health through diet and lifestyle. The philosophy is based around the Eastern concept of Yin and Yang and the order of the Universe. The aim of Macrobiotics is to achieve perfect balance between the Yin and Yang energies within the body through diet and lifestyle.


What is a Macrobiotic Diet?

The Macrobiotic diet is based on fresh, seasonal and organic wholefoods, simply and carefully prepared. Developing a personal awareness around which foods are right for you can be life-changing. A balanced Macrobiotic diet is widely reported to offer significant health benefits, including preventing and in some cases reversing the onset of many degenerative diseases by strengthening the body’s own natural defence mechanism.


At your Macrobiotic consultation, you will have an in-depth review of your overall health, diet and lifestyle and be given a full set of individual dietary and lifestyle recommendations.


Macrobiotic practitioners rarely recommend the use of supplements and rely soley on the healing power of food and lifestyle changes to transform health. Recommendations include information about what to buy and how to prepare a range of Macrobiotic dishes. The consultation may include some gentle exercise and bodywork if appropriate.


About your Therapist - Celia Duplock


I am passionate about preparing and eating wholefoods and believe that

what we eat and the way we live our lives can transform our health.


Having researched many different nutritional therapies, I finally settled

on Macrobiotics as it offers what I feel to be the most balanced, natural

and holistic approach to healing. As a Macrobiotic healing guide my aim

is to encourage, inform and inspire people to take full responsibility for

their own health and make lasting changes to the way they eat and live

their lives.


I studied at the International Macrobiotic School in Devon which offers the most comprehensive and holistic training available, including Eastern and Western anatomy and physiology, Oriental diagnosis, Do-in, Shiatsu, palm healing and emotional work.  


The first full Macrobiotic consultation takes approximately 60-90 minutes and costs £45. Follow up appointments are usually shorter and take 45-60 minutes. These are charged at £40.


Celia's website:


Telephone Celia on: 07831 344 214


As with all our complementary therapies, you should seek advice from your GP if you feel you have a medical condition.