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Studies show massage can help towards improving circulation, eliminate certain toxins, sooth muscles and help with stiffness and pain.  It can certainly relax you too.



Swedish Massage - Maggie Godden


Swedish massage aims at improving your body’s overall health and wellness.  It deeply relaxes the entire body by rubbing along the muscles using specific techniques.  


Benefits of massage are psychological and physiological, relaxing the body and mind, thereby reducing the effects of tension, stress and anxiety.


Maggie is our great Swedish massage therapist and is usually available for appointments on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.  


Maggie will adapt your massage to suit your needs, including:

- Back,neck and shoulder massage

- Face, back, neck and shoulder massage

- Full Body.


A choice of massage mediums will be available from grape seed, almond oil and coconut.  Also a selection of songbird supreme massage wax made from natural ingredients.


A one-hour treatment costs £45, 90 minutes costs £65.


Contact Maggie on 07516 645 005 or visit her website

Maggie is also our Craniosacral therapist.



Swedish / Aromatherapy / Hot Stones Massage - Sue Drew


Swedish massage 


Manipulation of body tissues increasing joint mobility, muscle tone, relieves tightness in the muscle tissue, improves circulation, reduces stress and enhances the body’s self-healing process.


Full body £45 / Back, neck and shoulder (BNS) £28


Aromatherapy massage


Helps stimulate the immune system, increasing oxygen & nutrient supply to the tissues, enhances lymphatic drainage and calms & soothes the mind. Oils are blended to suit the needs of the client to provide a relaxing & uplifting massage.


Full body £50 / BNS £35


Hot stone massage


Basalt stones are heated & used with oil for a deep, very relaxing massage. The warmth of the stones improve circulation & calms the nervous system. Ideal to relieve muscle tension.


Full body £50 / BNS £38


Priadara Thai style massage


Thai compressions give the body a purifying & detoxifying treatment. Praised

for its holistic approach treating the mind, body & spirit, improving the body’s capabilities of self-healing.


Full body £55 / BNS £40


More information can be found on Sue's website:

or you can call Sue on: 01285 656544




Holistic Massage - Sally Peachey 


Holistic is a relaxing massage that aims to release muscle tension and adhesions

but is not designed to address injuries which should be looked at by a Physiotherapist or Sports Massage Therapist.  It is deeply relaxing or can be invigorating, as required.  Sally likes to use a mixture of Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil (for those with a nut allergy) sometimes combined with an aromatherapy style massage wax.


Sally trained in the ITEC level 3 Holistic Massage Course, studying Anatomy and

Physiology and Holistic Massage, passing with Distinction.  Where required she is able to incorporate her Reiki Skills into Massage treatments to the benefit of her clients.


More recently she has qualified in FHT Indian Head Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, offering massage treatments that are wonderfully relaxing whilst working on the tensions and tightness for beneficial results.


Example of costs: Full Body Massage 75 mins - £45.  

Back, neck & shoulders 60 mins - £35.


More information can be found on Sally's website:

or you can call Sally on: 07905 236916



Indian Head Massage - Karen Benbow


The effects of Indian head massage are considered to be beneficial on the

whole body and mind.


The head, neck, shoulders and upper back are worked with firm rhythmical movements, over the client’s clothes.


Some of the main benefits of this treatment include:


   - Soothing of tension - easing headaches and reducing frequency - relieving


   - restoring concentration and reducing tiredness - general relaxation -

     increasing movement in the head, neck and shoulders - improving hair

     growth and hair condition

   - improving scalp problems.


A one-hour treatment costs £40.


Contact Karen on 0778 697 1041 or visit her website

Karen is also our Reflexologist and Bowen Therapist.



Aqua Massage - click here


As with all our therapies, you should seek advice from your GP if you feel you have

a medical condition.

Maggie Godden

    Maggie Godden          

84 Dyer Street, Cirencester, Glos GL7 2PF                 Tel: 01285 652449

Sue Drew