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Michèle Lazarus





Michele Lazarus

About Michèle


Michèle worked for over 30 years as a counsellor, health educator, trainer

and a researcher in the NHS and the voluntary sector before training as

a Solution Focused hypnotherapist in 2013. She now works as a full-time

hypnotherapist with busy practices in Cirencester and Stroud, as well as

working each week with people with breast cancer in Worcester Hospital.

She works in Cirencester on Monday afternoon and evenings.


Michèle decided to apply her experience and skills to hypnotherapy after

having hypnotherapy herself and seeing how it inspired her to make positive life changes. She particularly loves seeing how people can benefit from hypnotherapy, often in a short period of time.


Michèle is a member of the following professional bodies and adheres to strict standards of professionalism: NCH, AfSFH  and the CNHC. She also holds a DBS certificate, enabling her to work with children as well as adults.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy


This approach to hypnotherapy is a forward-looking, positive approach which

builds on people’s strengths and helps us to set short-term, achievable goals.  

It is based on evidence from robust neuroscientific research and a wide range

of issues can benefit from SF hypnotherapy.


Initial consultation and subsequent sessions


Hypnotherapy starts with an initial consultation (IC), where you can meet

Michèle and discuss how you would like hypnotherapy to help. For any therapy

to work effectively, it is important to feel comfortable with the therapist and the

approach, so this is a chance to see whether hypnotherapy is right for you.


Michèle will explain how the brain works in this session. This information often helps to make sense of what is happening for you and enables you to feel more in control.


She will also explain what to expect from hypnosis. No hypnosis work will be done in the IC. You will receive a link to a relaxation download or a CD and she will explain how this works to augment sessions.


Subsequent sessions comprise both talking therapy and hypnosis. All sessions last about an hour, apart from the smoking cessation session which is a one-off, two-hour session.


Fees: £75 for initial consultation. £70 per session thereafter.


Further information


If you would like to find out more about Michèle and how she can help, she will be happy to talk to you on 07764 210821 or email [email protected]


Further information can also be found from her website and Facebook page 













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