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Helen Cooke, our Nutritional Therapist, works from a Functional

Medicine perspective.  


As Helen says "This approach to nutritional therapy helps us

quickly get to the root cause of your problem by exploring where

any metabolic or biochemical imbalances may lie, which we can

then seek to address - helping to restore and maintain optimal



During your initial consultation, Helen will take an in-depth account of

your individual situation; past medical history, family history, diet,

medications and lifestyle. Having gained a clear understanding of your

situation she will work with you to ensure all the advice she gives is simple,

achievable and cost-effective to undertake – as well as enjoyable!


Functional testing can be included as an option.  Helen says “Testing can be really useful for people with long standing symptoms as it can help us better understand the root cause of your problem/s (e.g. an imbalance of gut bacteria may be part of the underlying problem in irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, metabolic imbalance can create many health problems including difficulty in losing weight) and enable us to personalise your dietary and supplement recommendations”.







About Your Therapist - Helen Cooke MA (Complementary

Health Studies), BSc (Nutritional Medicine).


Helen has a nursing background and holds degrees in Nutritional Medicine (BSc)

and Complementary Health Studies (MA).  She teaches nutrition to doctors and

medical students and practices nutritional therapy from a Functional Medicine



Helen's clinical background (nurse training and degree in Nutritional Medicine)

enables her to have a solid understanding of your health-related issues. She will

ensure all advice can be safely followed alongside any medication or treatment

you may be undergoing.


Helen specialises in digestive health and nutrition to support people with emotional/mental health issues, but also enjoys and has many years of experience of working with people with a wide range of health problems.


Tel: 07905 383203 or visit Helen's website:



As with all our therapies, you should seek advice from your GP if you feel you have a medical condition.

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