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Core Process Psychotherapy - Jennifer Lewis BSc Hons, MA


People often seek help from a qualified professional at times of crisis or to

look at specific issues for example stress, anxiety, depression, relationship

difficulties or grief.  Other people come with a general unease or to look into

deeper questions around wellbeing or a quest for life’s meaning and purpose.


Jennifer holds a Masters degree in Core Process Psychotherapy and is

working towards full United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy Accreditation.  


Core Process Psychotherapy is the original mindfulness-based psychotherapy

in the UK.  There is a growing interest in and evidence base for the effectiveness

of mindfulness in helping alleviate suffering.  We are encouraged to be curious about how we are right now.  By focusing on arising thoughts and body sensations, we can notice that they are continually changing and how we are affected by our habitual patterns of behaviour.  This form of psychotherapy uses a range of Western techniques, in conjunction with mindfulness, to provide the flexibility needed to meet, understand and work with each unique client.  


A fundamental understanding in Core Process Psychotherapy is that most of our difficulties arose in relationship.  To counter this Jennifer offers a confidential, compassionate, non-judgemental therapeutic relationship.  This provides the support needed to move towards awareness and acceptance of our behaviours or to unravel those that no longer serve us well.  The result can be greater ease in ourselves and in our relationships with others.


Some of the issues Jennifer has worked with include stress, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, depression, unresolved trauma, sexual abuse, anger management, relationship difficulties, sexuality and transition, loneliness, long term illness and grief.


The work can be short term providing support around a specific issue or more open ended depending on your needs.  


It is important to feel comfortable with the therapist you work with.  Jennifer offers a free of charge introductory session to give the opportunity to discuss what brings you to the therapy, what you wish to achieve and how it would be to work together.



Cost: £50 for subsequent weekly one hour sessions.


Telephone: 07850 312671


Email: [email protected]





As with all our therapies, you should seek advice from your GP if you feel you have a

medical condition.




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Jennifer Lewis