Aqua Massage In Cirencester

Aqua Massage

This unique fully clothed, non-oiled treatment combines relaxation, deep tissue massage and stretching techniques whilst the body is supported by cushions filled with warm water.  

The tissues are quickly relaxed by the warmth of the water and the support of the cushion resulting in a very gentle but effective deep tissue massage.

The treatment focuses on the client’s individual needs, working on reducing muscle tension, developing muscle memory and alignment, enabling postural correction whilst lowering stress levels and developing deep relaxation.

The lighter touch makes this form of massage suitable for wider range of clients and is delivered with the client lying on their back, no need to undress, no oil, no mess, after 10 minutes recovery time you will be ready to get on with your day.

Flotation Aqua Massage

If you have a little more time why not try Flotation massage undressed and oiled using sweet almond oil (or grapeseed) combining the ultimate holistic massage with the deep  tissue massage and stretching techniques whilst the body is supported by aqua massage therapy cushions filled with warm water, taking relaxation of mind and body to an even deeper level.

gail finch

SAC Dip massage therapist & pilates teacher

Having completed a diploma in both Indian Head Massage and Massage Therapy, Gail saw Aqua Massage in action in London and, after having a massage herself, decided she must bring it back to Gloucestershire.