Counselling In Cirencester

At the Cirencester Hypnotherapy & Health Centre we offer various types of counselling:

Integrative Counselling (Helen Fenton)

Integrative Counselling brings together different elements of specific therapies as integrative therapists take the view that there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations.  Integrative therapy is how the therapist combines elements of different theories to tailor the therapy to the client. This approach can help you by: - Deepening your understanding of problematic feelings and behaviours and where they may originate - Making links between thoughts, feelings and behaviours  - Increasing your self awareness - Encouraging you to think more clearly about a situation or from a different perspective.

Couples therapy (Nicholas Rose)

Couples and Relationship Counselling and Therapy can be a positive experience at any stage of a relationship, as they progress new challenges and possibilities arise where counselling and therapy can facilitate growth, change and alleviate conflict. Very often, relationship counselling and therapy is helpful when partners are feeling misunderstood or isolated, or when you identify negative and destructive patterns. Your therapist will be there to facilitate you in finding your own way forward; for some this will mean finding a more creative and positive future for the relationship, while for others it may mean helping you to accept and manage the end of a relationship.

counselling in cirencester
counselling room in cirencester
counselling cirencester

Helen Fenton


Helen is a qualified Integrative counsellor who works with adults and children from the age of 6. Helen offers all of her clients Empathy, Congruence, and Unconditional Positive Regard; & play and creative-therapies for my younger clients

psychotherapist & Counsellor Cirencester

kate varney

psychotherapist, counsellor & Supervisor

Kate is an experienced psychotherapist, counsellor and supervisor and works with people with a wide range of challenges and difficulties that they are facing.

Psychotherapist Nicholas Rose

Nicholas Rose

Psychotherapist & Relationship Therapist

Nicholas Rose is a psychotherapist registered with the UKCP working with adults both individually and their relationships; offering personal therapy both Online and In Person.