Crystal Therapy In Cirencester

Crystals have been valued for thousands of years for their protective, healing and restorative properties.  The ancient Greeks used them in Amulets and good luck charms and the Egyptians ground them up to make eye make-up and astringents for the skin.

Crystal energy is partly derived from the mineral elements the Crystal was exposed to and took on as it grew.  The human body is made up of these same elements.  This means if we experience an in-balance or deficiency in a certain area we can use a Crystal, containing that element, to bring about re-balance and positive change.  

In a rapidly changing world it’s becoming increasingly important to find effective ways to balance our hectic lifestyles with the need for improved health, renewed vitality and emotional stability.  A Crystal Therapist can help you do this by placing well-chosen crystals on and around the body to influence positive change.  For instance Malachite, which contains the element copper, can be used to reduce inflammation and joint pain when worn next to the skin.

As well as targeting specific physical concerns a Crystal Therapy session can be used as a great way to relax, de-stress and balance both the mind and spirit.

sally peachey

crystal therapist, massage therapist & reiki master

Sally has trained under the traditional Japanese system of Reiki devised by Mikai Usui and passed down directly by Master to Master to Sally.  She has also trained on an ITEC Holistic Massage Course, studying Anatomy and Physiology and Holistic Massage, passing with Distinction.