Psychotherapy In Cirencester

What Is Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy recognises the lasting impact of trauma. This is when stressful events that you experience or witness make you feel unsafe, helpless or vulnerable. You’ll work with a therapist to think about what has happened to you, not what is wrong with you. A psychotherapist will help you consider how your identity and background impact your present thoughts, sentiments, connections, and conduct. This comprehension should empower you to manage troublesome circumstances all the more effectively.

Psychotherapy is a talking therapy which is a more in-depth type of treatment than counselling, and it can be utilised to address a more extensive scope of issues.

A Psychotherapist helps the client to overcome stress, emotional and relationship problems or troublesome habits. Which might include talking about past occasions, for example; those from your youth.

Psychotherapist Nicholas Rose

Nicholas Rose


Nicholas Rose is a psychotherapist registered with the UKCP working with adults both individually and their relationships; offering personal therapy both Online and In Person.

psychotherapist & Counsellor Cirencester

kate varney

psychotherapist, counsellor & supervisor

Kate is an experienced psychotherapist, counsellor and supervisor and works with people with a wide range of challenges and difficulties that they are facing.

Lena Begum Psychotherapist

lena begum

Senior Mental Health Practitioner & Trainee Psychotherapist

Lena is a senior mental health practitioner in NHS, and trainee psychotherapist registered with BASW and a member of BACP.