Massage In Cirencester

Studies show massage can help towards improving circulation, eliminate certain toxins, sooth muscles and help with stiffness and pain.  It can certainly relax you too!

Holistic Massage

Each Holistic massage is tailored towards the individual clients need and can be deeply relaxing or invigorating.  Whilst it is not designed to correct injuries, it can relax and loosen muscles, increase joint mobility, improve circulation of both blood and lymphatic systems, contribute to the lowering of blood pressure.

Indian Head Massage

The effects of Indian head massage are considered to be beneficial on the whole body and mind. The head, neck, shoulders and upper back are worked with firm rhythmical movements, over the client’s clothes.

Some of the main benefits of this treatment include:

  •  Soothing of tension - easing headaches and reducing frequency - relieving eyestrain
  • Restoring concentration and reducing tiredness - general relaxation -increasing movement in the head, neck and shoulders - improving hair growth and hair condition
  • Improving scalp problems.
  • Aqua Massage

    This unique fully clothed, non-oiled treatment combines relaxation, deep tissue massage and stretching techniques whilst the body is supported by cushions filled with warm water.  

    The tissues are quickly relaxed by the warmth of the water and the support of the cushion resulting in a very gentle but effective deep tissue massage.

    The treatment focuses on the client’s individual needs, working on reducing muscle tension, developing muscle memory and alignment, enabling postural correction whilst lowering stress levels and developing deep relaxation.

    The lighter touch makes this form of massage suitable for wider range of clients and is delivered with the client lying on their back, no need to undress, no oil, no mess, after 10 minutes recovery time you will be ready to get on with your day.

    Flotation Aqua Massage

    If you have a little more time why not try Flotation massage undressed and oiled using sweet almond oil (or grapeseed) combining the ultimate holistic massage with the deep  tissue massage and stretching techniques whilst the body is supported by aqua massage therapy cushions filled with warm water, taking relaxation of mind and body to an even deeper level.

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karen benbow

Indian Head Massage

My Reflexology and Indian Head Massage qualifications were gained at the School of Holistic Studies whose certificates are recognized by the Complementary Medicine Association.

Gail finch

holistic massage & Aqua Massage

Gail uses her knowledge of a wide range of massage techniques to create a bespoke and unique massage for each client.